Wednesday, December 20, 2006

new shins vid

I like the song, of course. The video is sorta dumb, though...

Saturday, December 09, 2006

who knew...

...that big ol' dorks could rock your face off?

Seriously, if you are not in possession of The National - Alligator in some form already, you are dead to me.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

the umbrella sequence

Sometimes, you find yourself composing a blog post as you cut and paste the links and put together the material you want to post. And sometimes, when you hear these fledging blog posts, you want to punch your own teeth out for use an analogy that, by now, ought to be outright illegal. Treasonous, even. Alas, it's something I have to do in this case.

So, The Umbrella Sequence (The US) sound a lot like Radiohead. Radiohead playing a show on valium. Well, at the very least, the lead singer sounds a lot like Thom Yorke.

They have a little shockwave radio on their website I'm going to try to embed here. Let's see if it works, shall we?

Check out their MySpace for more samples.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

rodrigo y gabriela

Finally, some "World" music you can hang your hat on! Great skill, catchy tune, the snobbery of culture that comes with pointing out you're listening to international music not from the U.K...

So, here's Rodrigo y Gabriela (from Mexico) playing Tamacun:

All I can is poor We Are Scientists...

Disclaimer: I chose Jools Holland because of the song they were playing. There are other clips over at YouTube if you care to see. I'd have picked a Not-Televised one if I weren't so intellectually honest...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

not visible, like smallpox...

Not exactly music, but poetry, perhaps...? ;-)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

old crow medicine show

Okay, loving them! Here's a music video of them. I'm trying to convince the Tiger-part to take me to their show when I visit him next week. :-) Oh, and here's their myspace.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

ack! FF 2.0

Okay, so Firefox 2.0 doesn't seem to like the embedding technique for a couple of the non-YouTube videos on this page. Until I figure out why, here are the links to the videos in the now-disabled posts.


Gay Boyfriend

Sunday, October 29, 2006

can i just say...

that I think they have just about the best harmony two voices can enjoy? Tegan and Sara, I mean...

Somdays you make me so sad

Saturday, October 28, 2006


I would just like to point out I've done a fine job of blogging this month. I think I need some comment-lovin'. Also, GALLE! (That's all I have to say about that...)

Friday, October 27, 2006

sufjan ward

You guessed it: another strained Pooh-analogy... But tell me I'm wrong, go on! This is totally a good one you guys. It's Sam Amidon. I like him. I found out about him because, oddly, I was browing Icelandic music festival lineups. Never fear, though; I think he's from Pennsylvania. And he totally sounds like m.ward singing for Sufjan Stevens...

Sam Amidon - Another Man Done Gone


Sorry for a couple of broken links on here. For some reason, is now giving me grief for linking directly, but it worked fine when I tested it. Perhaps it was because I complained to their support personnel that the links didn't have file type, so the snifty little "playTagger" function wouldn't work.

Well, their interface is far better than EZArchive, and site response time much better, so I'll probably transfer my subscription in a few days. In the meantime, the links will be doomed to failure...

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

wooden wand...

...and the Vanishing Voice.
...and the Sky High Band.
...and the Omen Bones Band.

Which ever name they're using today, they're fun psychedelic folk from the awesome KillRockStars stable. And theirs is another show (along with Joseph Arthur's) that I'll be missing tomorrow in Austin. Check them out!

Being broke-like sucks. Being broke-like and in College Station sucks more.

Wooden Wand - Portrait In The Clouds

Wooden Wand - Eagle Claw

Monday, October 23, 2006

back on final fantasy for a moment...

Here's a video of the song posted below being performed live. His live shows look great. Watch how he builds the song up, etc, etc... Yeah, whatever. We all know the real meat of the show is the bitch in the bun doing visuals. Check this out. It's hilarious :-)

the format

A New Friend (more later if you're I'm lucky) recently recommended The Format. Naturally, since I had never heard of them before, I was intrigued. Then he said they were opening for Fallout Boy (hiss) on tour soon...

But nevertheless, not wanting to disappoint New Friend, I checked them out. I was shocked to discover some smart, tolerable - nay, enjoyable - power-punk-pop. Good hooks without getting gimmicky or overly commercial. Perhaps just the right amount of angsty whine. (Okay, to be fair, they've had the benefit of seeing Dashboard Confessional wring that dishtowel dry...) Literate - if not demonstrably literary - lyrics...

Continuing a trend, I'll stab at a most-likely-bad analogy: they're like what Jimmy Eat World might sound like if the Postal Service couldn't touch an instrument but were in charge of all production. And helped write the songs, too, but only after a night of drinking and rowdy showtune-singing... Umm, and that's early Jimmy Eat World, for all you post-Bleed American posers.

The Format - She Doesn't Get It

Don't be afraid to like this song. The album is diverse...

Note to the Tiger half of this blog: I gave you Static Prevails in 1999, which I had claimed from the demo bin. I need to be cool for that.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

out of touch

So, it's been a month and somehow I just learned that darling Owen (a.k.a. Final Fantasy) won a prestigious Canadian music award for He Poos Clouds, his sophomore effort.

Yes, it's called "He Poos Clouds". Shut up. I think it's charming. More so before I learned it was a Dungeons & Dragons reference and not some over-the-top romantic characterization of his boyfriend, but still...

Final Fantasy - This Is The Dream of Win & Regine

(A song from his previous album, Has A Good Home. Honestly, I like that album better.)

And the lyrics:

This is the Dream of Win & Regine
by Final Fantasy

Crown myself the prince of buzz
Can't wait until you, can't wait 'til you unsubscribe
I'll be a lonely scribe

But - what if they like it,
And lock us in a cannery with your accordian
Until we canned our love?
We can get along
We can get along

Montreal might eat it's young
But Montreal won't break us down

Now I got a VCR
If we put our hearts in twenty thousand tiny jars
They'd never leave their homes
We can get along
We can get along

Montreal might eat it's young
But Montreal won't break us down

I tried and tried and tried and tried
and tried and tried to keep the crowds away
I tried and tried and tried and tried
and tried and tried to keep the crowds away

the deportees

The Deportees have struck upon the catchiest hook in the history of pop music, I think. And a video that kills... Of course, they're Swedish.

Props to perennial fave swedesplease for the crib.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

just in case...

If you haven't seen this brilliant little piece of pop music video, you must watch now :-) This post is directed at the 3 people on the internet who haven't seen Ok Go on treadmills...

just an observation...

Tiger? We're great people but really shitty bloggers.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

woxy :-(

Well, if you're like me, you recently began listening to's great mix of relatively unknown music. If you're not cool enough to have heard of them, check them out (quick) at If you've been listening to them for the whole two years, you're the kid who got to the party four hours early, and you're not cool. Take the pants below the navel, friend, and stop drinking so much punch.


They're shutting down. Damned labels. I don't know which part of their operating budget was so high, but I'm willing to bet it was the crazy licensing fees charged by labels to internet radio stations. My favorite part of the station were the Lounge Acts: in-house shows from your favorite or soon-to-be favorite bands. (The National were featured, so I've got mine...) Go check out what's there before they're gone. Download the ones that are available on MP3 since, you know, it's our generation's mark and all...

Saturday, September 02, 2006

eat it, bitch

Yeah, I'm beating the Tiger-half to the punch on this one. Technically, he got this new Ray Lamontagne album, Till The Sun Turns Black, a few hours before I did, but since he's a slackerbum, I'm going to post about it first. So, it's awesome. Very chill, like an acoustic David Gray. (I should be ashamed at myself for having just typed that, but it's for all the Lamontagne n00bs out there...)

Mr. Lamontagne should be alt-country/folk, but he isn't. He's a little bit blues. A little bit jazz. With some awesome thrown in. I'd be interested in hearing your genre-making, dear commenters, so please leave a little...

Here's a little sample. Get the album; you really won't be disappointed. I promise!

Ray Lamontagne - Empty

(Here's what the boys at claim are the lyrics...looks good to me:)

She lifts her skirt up to her knees
Walks through the garden rows with her bare feet, laughing
I never learned to count my blessings
I choose instead to dwell in my disasters

Walk on down the hill
Through the grass grown tall and brown
And still it's hard somehow to let go of my pain
On past the busted back
Of that old and rusted Cadillac
That sinks into this field collecting rain

Will I always feel this way
So empty, so estranged

Of these cutthroat busted sunsets
These cold and damp white mornings I have grown weary
If through my cracked and dusty dimestore lips
I spoke these words out loud would no one hear me

Lay your blouse across the chair
Let fall the flowers from your hair
And kiss me with that country mouth so plain
Outside the rain is tapping on the leaves
To me it sounds like they're applauding us
The quiet love we make

Will I always feel this way
So empty, so estranged

Well I looked my demons in the eyes
Laid bare my chest said do your best: destroy me
See I've been to hell and back so many times
I must admit you kinda bore me

There's a lot of things that can kill a man
There's a lot of ways to die
Yes and some already dead who walk beside me
There's a lot of things I don't understand
Why so many people lie
Well it's the hurt I hide that fuels the fires inside me

Will I always feel this way
So empty, so estranged

Monday, August 28, 2006

and another...

This guy -Tyler James- reminds me of Rufus Wainwright musically, and Atreyu from The Never-Ending Story physically. Pretty cool on both counts... And, of course, his MySpace.

too late...

Have you ever wished you'd discovered a musical artist a few months earlier, if only to enjoy them during the time of year to which they're obviously most suited? Okay, probably not...but I'm weird and I do that a lot. For instance, I wish I had known about Landon Pigg -unfortunate name- six months ago, so I could drive around on a sunny Saturday morning in Spring with the windows down, listening to his fun, cute, simple style of pop. He's an American Sondre Lerche. Check him out. Oh, and check out his MySpace page, too, for some samples and some really cute pictures :-)

Sunday, August 27, 2006

A mix CD that I am enjoying.

Oh Pooh, any readers we may have had, I am afraid, may have vacated or passed out and died a long time ago while holding their breath for a new post. And here I have no great story, just the story that unfolds by reading someones track listing on their most recent mix CD. This one is for my brother.

Look Beneath the Floorboards:

John Wayne Gacy, Jr. - Sufjan Stevens
The Pot - Tool
Playhouses - TV on the Radio
Obstacle no. 1 - Interpol
Helena - Nickel Creek
This Place is a Prison - The Postal Service
Hafsol - Sigur Ros
Ambulance - TV on the Radio
I Turn My Camera On - Spoon
Another Morning Stoner - And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead...
Staring at the Sun - TV on the Radio
Passing Afternoon - Iron and Wine
Snakes and Martyrs - TV on the Radio
All the Wild Horses - Ray LaMontagne

Sunday, August 06, 2006

apologies and stuff

Hey, loyal readership...sorry it's been so long since I've posted. Before July 28, my absence can be blamed on packing to move. Since then, it's been moving and then entertaining my mom and brother for a week. No time to tarry, no time at all. I've sort of forgotten now how to use a computer.

I'm practicing, though, and started catching up on my favorite haunts. Muzzle of Bees has made me supremely jealous with tales of Lollapalooza . Man alive, I want to go! (But that Kanye West sounds like a real ass. Big shock...)

AND NO, I DO NOT CARE IF "KANYE" HAS FOOLED YOU ALL INTO THINKING HE'S SOCIALLY AWARE...he's just another self-aggrandizing pop-rapper. Bah!

Okay, so go read MoB while I remember how to use this..."mouse" (?) thing...

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

speaking of wild horses...

I swear I have a much longer post to contribute, stored safely away somewhere in my mind. Currently inaccessible. But I can't let the tiger-half show me up repeatedly. So it's coming. I'll think of some life story and a stream of conciousness later, post something amazing and cool and insightful and delightful. For now, though, I'll just crib off-a him and bring you a cover of the 'Stones Wild Horses.

It's Faultline playing, and the thoroughly amazing Joseph Arthur on vocals. Eat it up, kids.

Faultline (feat. Joseph Arthur) - Wild Horses (Rolling Stones cover)

Childhood living is easy to do
The things you wanted I bought them for you
Graceless lady you know who I am
You know I can't let you slide through my hands

Wild horses couldn't drag me away
Wild, wild horses couldn't drag me away

I watched you suffer a dull aching pain
Now you've decided to show me the same
No sweeping exit or offstage lines
Could make me feel bitter or treat you unkind

Wild horses couldn't drag me away
Wild, wild horses couldn't drag me away

I know I've dreamed you a sin and a lie
I have my freedom but I don't have much time
Faith has been broken - tears must be cried
Let's do some living after we die

Wild horses couldn't drag me away
Wild, wild horses we'll ride them some day
Wild horses couldn't drag me away
Wild, wild horses we'll ride them some day

Sunday, July 23, 2006

The thing about math is:

When I started college I was a computer science major. At Texas A&M Computer Science had a built in minor, and I had chosen to pursue math. During my third full semester of college, around the time that the computer science dictocrats decided it was time to get efficient at programming, I was in my third semester of calculus and fascinated with drawing sketches of Sherilyn Finn in the side columns of my notes. I realized at this point that I was much more interested in solving problems, and critical thinking, than I was programming computers, so I defected to the math department. For many reasons this was a good decision, not the least of which was meeting mr. g sansom.

The thing about math is that it is self contained. I always liked that theoretically one could figure out all of the answers to an exam without ever having looked into a text book or been to a class. And, indeed, I had one friend who would do this. His brain was intimidating. I had to wing it a few times. And there were even times when a teacher would require it of you, like when my probability professor decided to include a question from her graduate level class final on her undergraduate class final exam. I got that one right. I got the extraordinarily basic ones wrong. One could never accomplish this with say and english exam on t.s. eliot's the waste land without having read either the poems or anything about the poems.

The thing about T.S. Eliot is that I've long considered him to be an arrogant bastard. Maybe he was, but I simply thought poetically he was. The man experienced profound spiritual change during his life, and if one were to read Prufrock followed by the four quartets this would be evident. The problem that I had was that he seemed convinced that because he had this experience, and came to these truths, that now noone else would ever have to. He had figured out the answer, and we simply had to believe him.

It occured to me while driving the other day, that even though I could theoretically figure out all of the answers on my own, sometimes it is relevant to look in the text book and see if a theorem already exists. And I realized just now, that T.S. Eliot probably had more patience than I ever gave him credit for.

All the wild horses
All the wild horses
Tethered with tears in their eyes
May no man's touch ever tame
May no man's reigns ever chain you
And may no man's weight ever defrayed your soul
And as for the clouds
Just let them roll
Roll away
Roll away
As for the clouds
Just let them roll
Roll away
Roll away

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Okay, the Tiger half has officially gotten twice as many comments on his ONE post than the Pooh half has gotten on his dozens of posts.

No wonder I live in a constant confidence crisis.

sufjan pwn3d


And I have to say, I sort of see where he's coming from...

too freaking awesome...

Go here and listen to Gay for Girls. Especially all of you who listen to this new punkLite genre of music. But no, everybody. That's today's assignment. It's hilarious :-)

Monday, July 10, 2006

the mountain goats

Not just the kings of the hill anymore. Unless that hill is the Hill of Chill, Low-Fi Folky Goodness. Then they're still the kings. Check them out.

I'm going to post one of the songs from their new album, Get Lonely. (It comes out August 22 I believe.) Here is the first stanza of lyrics:

On the morning when I woke up without you for the first time
I felt free and I felt lonely and I felt scared
And I began to talk to myself almost immediately
Not being used to being the only person there
The first time I made coffee for just myself, I made too much of it
But I drank it all just cause you hate it when I let things go to waste
And I wandered through the house like a little boy lost at the mall
And an astronaut could've seen the hunger in my eyes from space

So yeah. Nice, huh?

The Mountain Goats - Woke Up New

And yes, the tiger half of this blog better take this as a "If You're Not Careful I'll Post About Devendra Before You Do, Bitch" post...

Saturday, July 08, 2006


Despite many attempts to the contrary by the pooh half of tigerpooh, I have spent little to no time looking at other music blogs. Consequently I have no notion of what this should be like. My desire or idea at the moment is that I would just sit down and write about what I am listening to, why, and how it affects me. I find that music helps me catalog my emotions, it is much more of a psychological thing for me than an analytical or artistic thing. Not that all of the other neuances aren't there, but I would say, by and large, and the majority of the time, listening to music is therapy between my real therapy. And then I wonder, in my youth, why I chose to sit on a couch across from Marilyn Manson. I listen to pretty much nothing that you haven't heard of (in addition to using double negatives). And I imagine I will stuggle between the ever present desire to be obscure and just being honest about what I like. So I will say right now I am a 28 year old man who likes tool, a lot. I also like texas is the reason, devendra banhart, tv on the radio, patty griffin, lyle lovett, blah blah blah, name drop, I want you to thing I am cool. I really do. It is why, at stop lights, I still turn up what I am listening to in the hopes that someone will majically walk up to me and say,"Holy crap is that onelinedrawing's sketchy ep#1 that you are listening to? I thought I was the only person who knew about that. You are so damn cool!" And in all reality if this were to happen, I would blush, smile, and then drive away without saying a word, feeling sheepishly pridefull.

Yesterday, I shared the following story with my friend Randy. In high school I used to get all bent out of shape when other people would wear nine inch nails shirts to school. I would think that they couldn't possibly "get" nin the same way that I do. It also made me feel terribly un-original. And so in the persuit of being original, I got into wear shirts of more obscure bands, bands I didn't really even like, like delicate terror and deathkulture bbq. And one day I realized, I just like nine inch nails, and that is okay (although other than the broken ep I really don't care to listen to nine inch nails anymore). I tell this story to say this: I believe that there are many wonderful bands and musicians out there that I have not heard and will probably be blown away, once again, when I finally do hear them. But I think that their obscurity does not give them any more clout or beauty than say, Chris Isaak, whom everyone has heard of. I have played the "this is my band that noone has heard of" game (the deftones), and lost miserably. So, now I try to be content with listening to what I enjoy, be it the cowboy junkies or godspeed you! black emperor, and stay open to new sounds and experiences. And hopefully I sound as self-rightous as possible in that process.

Back to my idea.

My idea was to write about what I am listening to at this moment and why. The problem is that I am in a public library and I am listening to traffic and the soft sounds of peoples voices.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

freakishly romantic

I've been feeling so romantic lately - it's terrible. Bad. Not like the "aww, that's cute" sort of romanticism. The other kind. The shitty kind. It's probably because of this, but these lyrics get me, you know, kinda right here. (The hook that seems slightly borrowed from The Cure's Lovesong is also a good punch.) God, I love this band...

The Geese Of Beverly Road
by The National

We'll take ourselves out in the street
And wear the blood in our cheeks
Like red roses
We'll go from car to sleeping car
And whisper in their sleeping ears
We were here, we were here
We'll set off the geese of Beverly Road

Hey, love, we'll get away with it
We'll run like we're awesome, totally genius
Hey, love, we'll get away with it
We'll run like we're awesome

We won't be disappointed
We'll fight like girls for our place at the table
Our room on the floor
We'll set off the geese of Beverly Road

Hey, love, we'll get away with it
We'll run like we're awesome, totally genius
Hey, love, we'll get away with it
We'll run like we're awesome

We're the heirs to the glimmering world

We're drunk and sparking, our legs are open
Our hands are covered in cake
But I swear we didn't have any
I swear we didn't have any

Hey, love, we'll get away with it
We'll run like we're awesome, totally genius
Hey, love, we'll get away with it
We'll run like we're awesome

We're the heirs to the glimmering world

Oh, come, come be my waitress and serve me tonight
Serve me the sky tonight
Oh, come, come be my waitress and serve me tonight
serve me the sky with a big slice of lemon

We're the heirs to the glimmering world

Oh, come, come be my waitress and serve me tonight
Serve me the sky tonight
Oh, come, come be my waitress and serve me tonight
serve me the sky with a big slice of lemon

And yes, it's about being young and energetically, helplessly, unstoppably in love.

(I promise this is the last song from The National I'll post. I really, really encourage everyone to buy their album. It's *VERY* worth it.)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

magic kangaroo

Shhhh! This is a super-secret, don't-let-Magic-Girl-know-it's-here sort of post. But I have to brag on the little vixen. This is a friend who plays around town, singing Big Star's Kangaroo. (Long Live Chilton...) The recording was simply done and it hasn't been mixed or anything, the mics aren't professional, etc... And yet you can still hear the voice that, in my opinion, suggests Magic Girl's name in the first place ;-)

Magic Girl (Live) - Kangaroo

Rock her in the comments...

Sunday, July 02, 2006


If you haven't noticed, Keith has officially joined the roster here. (See side panel on the left for proof...) As promised, you'll not be disappointed by the boy's excellent taste in music and insightful-yet-witty posts. His spelling, on the other hand...

Well, to welcome one half of this, I thought I'd suggest the next duet for him and Shaun:

Watch it all the way through. Seriously, you'll crack your ass up...

the national, part deux

Alright guys. I'm going to post the first two tracks from The National's Alligator. I don't pick these because they're the best on the album. The rest of the songs are just as badass. This band has quickly become one of my all-time favorites. I feel a little self-conscious that the rest of the musical blogosphere became passionate about them in '05. It is, after all, a competition.

I believe there are fundamentally two kinds of music afficianados: the "it has a good beat and I can dance to it" crowd, and the "it's clever and I can sing to it" crowd. The former tend to appreciate melodies, beats, and instrumentation more. The latter tend to appreciate the lyrical poetry and - in some cases - a "sing-along-able" key... I'm usually finding myself squarely in the latter category. Particularly since I spent about 7 years trying unsuccessfully to be a musician with any technical competence at all.

I would never suggest these two things are mutually exclusive; I think almost all music lovers take a little from column A and a little from column B. I'm just sayin'...

Well, the point of all this b.s. is that this band - (focus, here) The National - have it all. Really. I love them. You should love them, too. And you should order their music. From their website's shop, or eMusic. Do it now!


The National - Secret Meeting

The National - Karen

(Lyrics to these...)

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Friday, June 30, 2006

jenny lewis & the watson twins

I'll probably post again on this topic, because her recent album is pretty much goodness, but I found this and I had to share. Also, I wanted to test this whole "embedded YouTube" bit. So yeah, here's a video to one of my favorite songs on the album. Notice the cameo by Sarah Silverman and that dude from Postal Service/Dntel/Other-Indie-Outfits-DuJour-No-Doubt.

And is it just me, or do the Watson Twins look creepy as fuck? Like The Shining meets HeeHaw?


Okay, I've always been a reluctant listener to this "mashup" business. You know, the practice of playing two really different (usually) songs on top of each other, more or less, and fiddling a little with the timing. It may be the snob in me, but it seems a little adolescent. Or at least that's what I say in places like a music blog.

Secretly, I think I enjoy the shit out of a good "mashup". It's some meme-like attraction. Anyway, go HERE and listen to Overnight Star. I'm not kidding when I say it is Kanye West + Sigur Ros.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

jammin' at work

Streaming from, naturally...

Spoon, live at the Coney Island Siren Festival, 07/16/2005

Love it :-)

the national

The National is a pretty awesome band. I'm reminded very much of Nick Cave by the lead singer. Musically, they're somewhere between alt-country and shoegazer. Yeah, I know. Crazy...

I went hog-wild on eMusic and downloaded a bunch of their stuff. Check them out (free songs on their website). To get you started, here's one that I like:

The National - Wasp Nest

Monday, June 26, 2006

sources, part 1(a)

I shared one source with my Jon Brion post earlier, so I figured that'd be a great way to start off something I've been meaning to do: share with you, gentle readers, some of my favorite music blogs on the web. These come in no particular order, and be aware a creative blogger can win me over with just a couple of awesome posts. In any event, DoCopenhagen finds some great tunes and videos. No pretense, no nonsense. Just fun to check out out now and again...

And, and a postscript: The "Tiger" portion of the "TigerPooh" blog promises to start the process of beginning to think about the process of thinking about setting up an account to learn how to post on this mess, so stay tuned for his more reflective and thoughtful brand of music exegesis.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

a post for jpr

Just because I think you're tops.

I share a source. Oh, it's Jon Brion, by the way ;-)


Okay, I really hate to do this, but I haven't yet managed to get file hosting arranged. It's okay: should be by the end of the week. But I can't pass this up:

YouAintNoPicasso has posted a cover of Sigur Ros' Hoppipolla by none other than We Are Scientists. Make no mistake, I feel they should be beaten for even attempting to cover the greatness of Sigur Ros. But I give them props for trying. And for not making some parody out of it (intentionally)... WAS are known for their jokes.

Okay, so apologies to YANP for the theft. I'll fix it ASAP. Besides, I don't get any traffic here anyway...

UPDATE: Link now points to my own longer am I a bandwidth bandit. Hark!

Saturday, June 24, 2006


Röyksopp, this Norwegian trip-hop number, makes catchy music. But they also make f'ing awesome videos. Check this one out. (Sims, anyone?)

My favorite song is probably Melody A.M.'s "Eple". They have a clip available on their website, which you hear* if you click the title above.

The music, which I've enjoyed now for a couple of years I guess (JPR should recognize "Eple" from a mixed CD a while back) is pretty light-hearted. But it's the product of pretty impressive talent.

Perhaps I'll post another selection more closely approximating my mood in a bit.

*Yes, it's in Real Audio format, but you needn't install that wretched player. I use Media Player Classic to play all my "really aggravating format" media... It's free and OpenSource.

UPDATE: Now the link above will bring you the MP3. Go ahead and get MPC, though, for those other aggravating RealMedia streams that'll no doubt pop up...

Thursday, June 22, 2006


Is it just me, or is Jose Gonzalez quite possibly Air...just really, really unplugged? (Especially here.)

Brookville on KCRW

If you're not familiar with Morning Becomes Eclectic, you should probably...I don't know...get the fuck off my blog. This is a fantastic show, wherein Nic Harcourt plays the American-imported, posthumous John Peel. I highly recommend that you subscribe to the podcast, visit the web site regularly, dream about it at night...whatever does your trick*. And yeah, you don't have to get the fuck off the blog. I kid, I kid.

I bring this up in order to announce - for JPR - the recent appearance of Brookville on the show. While it is particularly thrilling to watch or listen live, they do keep an archive of both the programs and the in-studio webcam feeds. I love these people. Seriously.

If you don't know of Brookville, it's really the side project of Andy Chase from Ivy, though I imagine most of us know more about Brookville than Ivy... Very chill, mildly funky, maybe tweedy, jazz. Belle & Sebastian for people without something to prove... Well, without Isobell Campbell, but who's counting...

Anyway, check them out, watch this show and the very many awesome other ones.

*Thank me in the comments ;-)

Saturday, June 17, 2006

b-side folk union

So I have this habit of browsing the "Now Even Cheaper" used CD bins whenever I'm in a music store. There's nothing quite so satisfying as finding a little gem for $2.00 or something. I picked up an album some time ago that I got around to listening to yesterday on my drive across this absurdly large state.

B-Side Folk Union: The Simply Things

Sorry about the link - it's the only one I can find for the band at all. There are plenty of mentions of their live show schedule (they're from Arkansas) but it seems that the several domains they've gone through for their band website are all being parked by enterprising registrars. (A loathsome practice...)

Well, I was impressed by B-Side Folk Union, for the most part. Instrumentally, they sound exactly like (dare I say it?) Dave Matthews Band*. Really. No, I mean really. It's like they took Under The Table and Dreaming and replaced the vocalist. There's the rub, though. The vocals, while good in probably several other contexts, don't fit the music very well. Although it could just be that I'm expecting to hear Dave singing Dave. I'll post a track or two for your commentary once I'm home and have a satisfactory arrangement with these EZArchive people. Who ever thought about charging for services on the web??

*Admit it, you like DMB. No, you like them. All of us who don't like them don't like them for reasons beyond their music. Say, their fans... But you secretly enjoy listening to their (once-original) jazzy folk sound and playful instrumentation. Don't bother denying it, because I know better.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

gypsy for you, gypsy for me

I have a certain love of good Gypsy music and so you'll see a post here occasionally highlighting some good stuff. I have several in mind. Right now, I'm going to post the link to a concert by the Goran Ivanovic Group. Setting aside the fact their hair-do's could use not-a-little work, they do a pretty good job in a pinch of Giving Good Gypsy. You jazz folk (JPR) in the audience may appreciate the more "complex" (rolleyes) rhythms that represent a periodic departure from the Roma classic style.

Or maybe the drummer got distracted.

Look, I'm just saying...

ane brun

Three posts in one day. Love me.

Okay, so there's something about Scandinavian folk artists that gets it right... I recently learned of this Norwegian chica. She reminds me in turns of Emmy Lou Harris and Fiona Apple (with guitar). I'm obviously missing something. But I think she's great. If you can give me a better comparison, please feel free...

Oh, by the way: I got an EZArchive account, so I'll post some sample songs for your listening pleasure from time to time. Like now.

{20 minutes of frustration}


Okay, not quite yet. Apparently my service level isn't high enough to give you good people a stinking URL. I'll revisit this...

{2 weeks later}


Ane Brun - My Lover Will Go

Ane Brun (with Teitur) - Rubber and Soul

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

big head todd & the monsters

Big Head Todd & The Monsters rock. Shut up about it. Unfortunately, I have bum friends who refused to attend their concert with me in Austin a few months past, and I'm not yet ready to charge off on my own. Call me co-dependent if you will. (I'll surely call you something back...)

Anyway, the awesomeness that is has the concert posted and available for download. I recommend streaming it at VBR while doing whatever it is you're doing right now...

It is here.

catching up, part one: jeff hanson

I plan to devote some posts to catching up with things I really should've blogged about, if I weren't such a shitty blogger. Consider , then, this blog to be the same as replying to e-mails or voice messages...that way I'm only an asshole once. Falling under the "communicating failures" heading.

There, my conscience is a little bit cleaner. On to the music...

So, Jeff Hanson. Some of you may have heard me talk about him before. He's great, chill, and possessing of an impressive falsetto. He has a couple of songs and a video available on his website, though there are no tracks from his self-titled second album, which I consider to be triumphant. Welcome Here, a track from that album, is definitely my favorite. (The bold will become a link as soon as I've taken the time to find an account on EZArchive or RapidShare or something...)

Another product, by the way, of the always-amazing Kill Rock Stars stable...

Check him out and comment!

UPDATE: Download that track now :-) Do it. Now.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

jazzy in the morning

Here is the first product of a friend's solo work. Nice jazz fusion for the wake-up...

Tuesday, May 02, 2006