Wednesday, June 14, 2006

catching up, part one: jeff hanson

I plan to devote some posts to catching up with things I really should've blogged about, if I weren't such a shitty blogger. Consider , then, this blog to be the same as replying to e-mails or voice messages...that way I'm only an asshole once. Falling under the "communicating failures" heading.

There, my conscience is a little bit cleaner. On to the music...

So, Jeff Hanson. Some of you may have heard me talk about him before. He's great, chill, and possessing of an impressive falsetto. He has a couple of songs and a video available on his website, though there are no tracks from his self-titled second album, which I consider to be triumphant. Welcome Here, a track from that album, is definitely my favorite. (The bold will become a link as soon as I've taken the time to find an account on EZArchive or RapidShare or something...)

Another product, by the way, of the always-amazing Kill Rock Stars stable...

Check him out and comment!

UPDATE: Download that track now :-) Do it. Now.

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