Saturday, June 24, 2006


Röyksopp, this Norwegian trip-hop number, makes catchy music. But they also make f'ing awesome videos. Check this one out. (Sims, anyone?)

My favorite song is probably Melody A.M.'s "Eple". They have a clip available on their website, which you hear* if you click the title above.

The music, which I've enjoyed now for a couple of years I guess (JPR should recognize "Eple" from a mixed CD a while back) is pretty light-hearted. But it's the product of pretty impressive talent.

Perhaps I'll post another selection more closely approximating my mood in a bit.

*Yes, it's in Real Audio format, but you needn't install that wretched player. I use Media Player Classic to play all my "really aggravating format" media... It's free and OpenSource.

UPDATE: Now the link above will bring you the MP3. Go ahead and get MPC, though, for those other aggravating RealMedia streams that'll no doubt pop up...

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