Thursday, June 22, 2006

Brookville on KCRW

If you're not familiar with Morning Becomes Eclectic, you should probably...I don't know...get the fuck off my blog. This is a fantastic show, wherein Nic Harcourt plays the American-imported, posthumous John Peel. I highly recommend that you subscribe to the podcast, visit the web site regularly, dream about it at night...whatever does your trick*. And yeah, you don't have to get the fuck off the blog. I kid, I kid.

I bring this up in order to announce - for JPR - the recent appearance of Brookville on the show. While it is particularly thrilling to watch or listen live, they do keep an archive of both the programs and the in-studio webcam feeds. I love these people. Seriously.

If you don't know of Brookville, it's really the side project of Andy Chase from Ivy, though I imagine most of us know more about Brookville than Ivy... Very chill, mildly funky, maybe tweedy, jazz. Belle & Sebastian for people without something to prove... Well, without Isobell Campbell, but who's counting...

Anyway, check them out, watch this show and the very many awesome other ones.

*Thank me in the comments ;-)

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