Monday, June 26, 2006

sources, part 1(a)

I shared one source with my Jon Brion post earlier, so I figured that'd be a great way to start off something I've been meaning to do: share with you, gentle readers, some of my favorite music blogs on the web. These come in no particular order, and be aware a creative blogger can win me over with just a couple of awesome posts. In any event, DoCopenhagen finds some great tunes and videos. No pretense, no nonsense. Just fun to check out out now and again...

And, and a postscript: The "Tiger" portion of the "TigerPooh" blog promises to start the process of beginning to think about the process of thinking about setting up an account to learn how to post on this mess, so stay tuned for his more reflective and thoughtful brand of music exegesis.

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