Saturday, June 17, 2006

b-side folk union

So I have this habit of browsing the "Now Even Cheaper" used CD bins whenever I'm in a music store. There's nothing quite so satisfying as finding a little gem for $2.00 or something. I picked up an album some time ago that I got around to listening to yesterday on my drive across this absurdly large state.

B-Side Folk Union: The Simply Things

Sorry about the link - it's the only one I can find for the band at all. There are plenty of mentions of their live show schedule (they're from Arkansas) but it seems that the several domains they've gone through for their band website are all being parked by enterprising registrars. (A loathsome practice...)

Well, I was impressed by B-Side Folk Union, for the most part. Instrumentally, they sound exactly like (dare I say it?) Dave Matthews Band*. Really. No, I mean really. It's like they took Under The Table and Dreaming and replaced the vocalist. There's the rub, though. The vocals, while good in probably several other contexts, don't fit the music very well. Although it could just be that I'm expecting to hear Dave singing Dave. I'll post a track or two for your commentary once I'm home and have a satisfactory arrangement with these EZArchive people. Who ever thought about charging for services on the web??

*Admit it, you like DMB. No, you like them. All of us who don't like them don't like them for reasons beyond their music. Say, their fans... But you secretly enjoy listening to their (once-original) jazzy folk sound and playful instrumentation. Don't bother denying it, because I know better.

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fretlessjazz said...

DMB: Agreed. Haha.