Tuesday, February 06, 2007

twee redux

The post about Voxtrot earlier in the week left the taste of Twee in my ...ears... and I think I need to do it up right. So here's your dose of that catchy, pop-y music with lyrics-just-a-little-too-smart -for-their-own-good goodness.

Before we begin, I will divulge that I have the entire collection of Sarah Records singles, 001-099...

Yes, ladies and gentlmen: you never knew it, but we are TWEE AS FUCK around here. (And no comments questioning the validity of Belle & Sebastian or The Cardigans as TweePop... I've heard far too much Ska being slid under the covers for a little "mainstreamness" to get in the way of technical definitions...)

Beulah - Popular Mechanics For Lovers

The Cardigans - Lovefool

Belle & Sebastian - Seeing Other People

~and the grand finale~

Tullycraft - Twee

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