Tuesday, January 23, 2007

a post for joe...

Here's a post for my friend, Joe. If you are not Joe, however, I invite you to enjoy the music of these two awesome projects of Will Sheff & Jonathan Meiburg anyway. Based out of Austin, Okkervil River and Shearwater are as different as they are face-meltingly amazing...

Also, Shearwater is playing at Emo's in March. I will attend this show, even if I have to kill someone for tickets and beat someone unconscious to drag with me.

So, the samples: the lead song off Okkervil River's 2006 EP, Overboard and Down. Please note that it is not a political statement at all. This is supported by the lyrics...

Okkervil River - The President's Dead

And two of my favorite (only because I had to pick) tracks from Shearwater's 2006 album release, Palo Santo.

Shearwater - Nobody

Shearwater - Seventy-four, Seventy-five

Well shit. I can't stand it. Here's another of my favorites from that album:

Shearwater - Hail Mary

And one more awesome one for good measure:

Shearwater - Red Sea, Black Sea

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